Would You Like Me To Give You Access To My $12 Million Instant Trust Package?

From the desk of Charles Curry
Atlantic Beach, FL

I got to the office early.🥱

Grabbed all the new seller leads.

Started making calls.☎️

And promptly got told “Go to h***” by a very angry seller. “You’re the 50th agent that’s called me!,” the seller screamed through the phone.

I looked back at my stack of leads… and started to feel ashamed of myself. Did these sellers really deserve to get hounded by dozens of desperate agents?


I didn’t know any other way to get listings.

So, I kept calling.

And calling…

and calling…

And calling… even though the constant rejection was starting to wear on me.
After weeks and weeks of cold calling, I only got 1 listing that didn’t sell.

I was so disappointed. No one had told me how hard it was to get listings.

I’ve made hundreds of cold calls in my real estate career, and the sad ugly truth is that most of the calls went like that.

I’d spend hours pounding the phone, bust my butt researching leads, and spend countless hours thinking about how to get listings.

There were times I cried in frustration over the amount of time I wasted doing this, but I didn’t know what else to do.

I would discount my commission, work with buyers… and still rarely ever sell a house.

It hurt.

Then I would look at the competition, notice they had 6 new listings that month and just feel defeated.

What was wrong with my listing strategy?

Why wasn’t it working to bring in listings?

Why wasn’t I good enough for the sellers to choose me?

I saw this quote when I felt like there was nowhere lower I could go with my real estate business.

So, I started to read books about sales and marketing. I snooped on other top agents and determined to myself that I was going to find a way to be successful in real estate.

One of those books gave me an idea. It told about how other businesses were using a marketing package to build trust with prospective clients before a salesperson ever met them.

It felt like a total game changer.

This was 100% different from everything I’d ever learned in real estate - where we’re told we must meet potential sellers in person.

But, I wasn’t meeting many sellers face to face as it was! I knew I had nothing to lose, and so I decided to try it out.

I sat back down at my desk and poured my heart into creating a listing package that showed my passion for real estate and how hard I would work for my clients.

I even added in a few pictures and other examples of exactly how I would do a better job for my sellers than other agents.

I printed out a dozen copies of this Instant Trust Package and sent it out to some seller leads.

Then I sat back and waited… praying that my heart wouldn’t be crushed all over again with more defeat.

Fortunately, it didn’t.

A few days later, I got a call from Vincent. He’d been thinking about selling his home and was impressed with what I’d sent him.

I could hardly believe it! A wave of relief came over me and I was finally able to relax.
I ended up listing Vincent’s house for $475,000!

I started sending these Instant Trust Packages to every single seller lead I could.

I had so many listings that I didn’t even have time to meet with all the sellers. 

Most of those listings turned into pendings which turned into nice commission checks.

I decided to document my exact Instant Trust Package to make sure I would never forget it.

Then I took that and gave it to a few other agents I knew who were in a different market.

They started using it and got more listings as a result. But, I was worried it wouldn’t work for them. Maybe I’d stumbled on some perfect magic combination that made it work for me, but not for others.

Was it a fluke?

What if it fails and they blame me for wasting their time?

Crud, maybe I shouldn’t have shared it with them at all.

Then I got a text from my agent friend, “I love the Instant Trust Package! It works. I just got a $900K Listing from it. Thanks Charles!”

Whew! Another sigh of relief.

It wasn’t a fluke!

I felt like I had struck gold.

I got over 35 listings in the next 6 months - because of my Instant Trust Package.

The total listing price on all those listings was over 12 Million Dollars.

That’s why I call it my $12 Million Dollar Instant Trust Package.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you believe in the law of sowing and reaping? Good karma/bad karma or whatever you want to call it?

I do.

And because of that belief I’ve decided to share the Instant Trust Package with you and other Realtors everywhere.

Some people would be concerned to share this because they think they would just create more competition for themselves, but I don’t agree.

I believe that if others are successful then I’ll be more successful too.

The Instant Trust Package has the possibility of making a huge impact on the success of Realtors everywhere, and I want to be a part of that.

You’re probably wondering how you can get access to the Instant Trust Package right now.

Or you're wondering how much it’s going to cost.

Honestly I should be selling this for $1,000 - $5,000 because it’s so effective.

But I don’t want to make a bunch of money off of it.

I was going to give it away for free but I’ve given things away for free before and unfortunately almost nobody implemented them.

Therefore I’ve decided to let everyone have it for only $1.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is low enough so everyone can get it, but enough that people are going to take it seriously, implement it and get results.

But, that’s not all.

I’m also going to give you The Complete Guide To Finding Unlimited Leads.

One of the reasons I got so many listings is because I had access to more leads than anyone else.

Most agents would be shocked at how many great listing leads are available in their market.

We created easy step by step training on how to get access to all these leads for free. Pretty cool right?

And if you don’t have time to research these leads yourself, we’ll show you how to hire an inexpensive freelance assistant to research them for you.

So, that’s everything I’m going to give you. Some people would tell me I’m crazy to give you all this for just $1. And maybe I am a little crazy.

So, I’m going to leave this up for a little while. But, when I’ve decided there’s enough people in, I will take it down.

Don’t delay.

Make this small investment today so you can finally start to get more listings...

So you can finally start to get the closings YOU DESERVE...

So you can finally stop feeling like your Real Estate Business is stuck...

So you can start telling your friends proudly that you’re getting listings and selling homes…

So you can stop praying that something will change…

Believe me, it feels so good when you’ve got 20 listings on the board and sellers lining up to call you. And despite what you may think, it’s 100% possible. I know because I’ve experienced it myself.

If you feel that this is right for you, click here to get access to the Instant Trust Package now. You won't regret it.

Talk Soon,
Charles Curry

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